Unemployment Benefits Matters

Times are hard. Nearly ten percent of the workforce is unemployed. If you find yourself out of work in this economic climate, the last thing you need is to be denied unemployment benefits.

If you've been denied benefits, or your employer is challenging your right to collect, or you've been notified that you owe money back to the Division of Unemployement Assistance, contact this office immediately. You have a very limited amount of time in most cases during which to appeal adverse rulings. Don't try to handle this alone. The odds will be stacked against you.

We handle these cases constantly. We know the complex law pertaining to unemployment benefits, how to argue your case at the hearing, and how to deal with hostile employers and their witnesses who are trying to keep you from collecting. We will use our experience to do everything calculated to get you the benefits you deserve.

We charge a low, flat fee for unemployment hearings and appeals to the Board of Review.

“Your legal interests are our business.”


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